Strange New Keyboard – The Hammond 44 Melodion

The Hammond 44 Melodion is a 44-key keyboard harmonica with a built-in dynamic microphone:
From the first time you pick it up, youre hooked-The ease of EXPRESSION and EMOTION will startle you. If youve ever been envious of sax players, guitarists or harp players who stand at the front of the stage and really get into it, now YOU HAVE THAT CHANCE. Even if youre not a keyboard player, the Hammond 44 is easy to play-and what a sound! PLUG INTO ANY AMP, use EFFECTS PEDALS, to make a sound that is DISTINCTLY YOUR OWN.
Here’s a link to Hammond’s info on the Hammond 44 Melodion (pdf).

5 thoughts on “Strange New Keyboard – The Hammond 44 Melodion

  1. Hammond is not a company that you can trust

    The company that has taken over for the honorable predecessor has bastardized that company's good name.

    I was given this product as a gift and the experience became a nightmare. After realizing that the output was not working I contacted the Hammond dealer who sold it and they tried to inquire with Hammond about a replacement. After weeks of not hearing from them they refused to replace the unit with a new one, at which point I returned this piece of crap for a full refund.

    It is shocking that a company who is trying to promote a new product that couldn't have sold more than a few hundred units couldn't be bothered to deal with a customer who had been sold a bunk product. This company does not care about the consumer and you would be well advised not to trust your hard-earned dollars with these people.

    They should stick to making and selling motorcycles.

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