Now Available: Flower Electronics’ Little Boy Blue Synthesizer

Jessica Rylan’s LIttle Boy Blue synth is available via Flower Electronics.

It retails for $395.


  • 2 voltage controlled ramp (sawtooth) oscillators
  • 1/4″ input with variable gain
  • envelope follower with optional inverter
  • 2 channel mixer
  • intermodulating output stage
  • powder-coated aluminum case
  • single 9V battery
  • power automatically disconnected when output cable is unplugged

Supplied with:

  • battery
  • set of 7 banana patch cords

According to Rylan, her designs “draw on the best of 1960’s and 70’s modular synthesizers, 1980’s guitar effects pedals, multiple-feedback techniques (a la David Tudor), and circuit bending. This breadth of influence is distilled into a strikingly original and immediate sound.”

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