The Top Electronic/Dance Albums Of 2008

Amazon has announced its picks for the Best Dance & DJ Albums of 2008:

  • Crystal Castles – Crystal Castles  
  • Third – Portishead
  • New York City – Brazilian Girls
  • Death of the Revolution – Quantic
  • Donkey – CSS
  • LP3 – Ratatat
  • Los Angeles – Flying Lotus
  • Make in the Dark – Hot Chip 
  • London Zoo – Buy
  • Radio Retaliation – Thievery Corporation
These are editorial picks by the Amazon staff. The top selling dance album was actually Madonna’s Hard Candy

6 thoughts on “The Top Electronic/Dance Albums Of 2008

  1. How the hell is Crystal Castles on this list, they use electronic sounds but it’s not their base, it’s used as accents & shit. And I state again, Hot Chip is shit.

    Ratatat on the other hand is pretty good creative stuff.

  2. Hmm… yes, Crystal Castles shouldn’t be on that list. It’s not even a very good album. Then again, look at the source: Amazon. This is more about the best SELLING dance & DJ albums of the year.

    Actually, that’s sort of a shite category in itself.

    I will say, Hot Chip have been strangely addictive. They know how to write a catchy tune. Don’t like all of it, but I keep hearing “Ready For The Floor” over and over (tee hee) in my head.

  3. all of you are nuts for not acknowledging the fact that DANCE albums are about artists who, on even their album cuts, make you DANCE and DJS like myself play them in dance clubs. radio and sales should never be relevant…that is the problem with the music industry now. No balls anymore to pick a true hit broken by a DJ. Anyway, some REAL dance artists you can always count on are found on labels like Ministry Of Sound, Defected Records and OM Records just to name 3. Oh and Ultra. From those 4 labels you can start with the mix compilations by DJs mainly; the artists featured are usually the biggest and best in dance music around the world. Oh let me not forget Hed Kandi Records…supreme compilations mixed and unmixed of great dance music and the stuff is current. Now you have NO EXCUSE. Get hip!

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