2009 NAMM Show Preview: DigiTech’s RP1000 Integrated Effects Switching System

2009 NAMM Show preview: DigiTech is shipping the RP1000 Integrated Effects Switching System, a high-end effects switcher offering 14 metal switches that control both program changes, effects on/off, stompbox loop in/out, bank up/down, and a built-in 20 second looper.

The RP1000 can be used in two different control modes to switch up to 10 presets (preset mode) or 5 presets and 5 effects on/off (pedalboard mode).

The RP1000 offers over 160 internal stompboxes, effects, amps and cabinet, USB 2×2 audio streaming along with Cubase LE4. The system retails for $699.95

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