Zune Owners Everywhere Cursing That They Cheaped Out

Zune owners everywhere are cursing the day that they cheaped out and bought a Microsoft portable media player, because Zunes around the world today are dying.

Locking up and turning into bricks!

Call it the Zunepocolypse. Call it Y2K 9 years late. 

Chances are, though, if you’ve got a Zune 30, it’s a doorstop. 

Here’s Microsoft’s official word:

We were made aware of a widespread issue facing owners of Zune 30 devices this morning.  We have a technical team working hard to isolate the issue right now and will update everyone as much as possible.  Thanks for your patience while we get to the bottom of this.

Got a Zune? Feel free to vent about it in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Zune Owners Everywhere Cursing That They Cheaped Out

  1. I dont curse the day i bought a zune. I love the software and the hardware, and no I do not work for M$.

    And its only the 30gb units effected, not ALL zunes. Nice accurate reporting there.

    In any case the fix is simple – wait till tomorrow. There is a bug in the device driver for the clock chip used only in the 30gb units that got screwed up by the leap year. Tomorrow, they should reset fine.

  2. Tony:

    “Chances are, though, if you’ve got a Zune 30, it’s a doorstop.”

    Nice accurate reading there.

    Glad you’re happy with your Zune – but a lot of people aren’t so happy with their Zunes today!

  3. Bought a Zune because I thought it would work better with my PC.

    Wish I’d bought an iPod. No accessories are available for the Zune and now it’s dead.

    The good news is that they say it should work tomorrow!

  4. Synthhead:

    Its not even a problem if it will work tomorrow…Its a only a one day bug and i believe most people can live to see it working tomorrow…then Microsoft will make a new firmware without this bug…chill out! i think you exaggerating with this problem…we won’t die if we spent one day without Zune 30…

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