Give Your iPhone An Audiogasm

TMsoft has released a new free app for the iPhone (App Store link) that promises to give your iPhone an Audiogasm:


Audiogasm uses the iPhone microphone to visualize sounds and music. Enjoy the hypnotic visuals created while listening to your favorite songs or whistling a tune.


  • Music visualization using the iPhone microphone and real-time audio analyzer
  • Dynamically generated artwork that is unique, beautiful, and hypnotic
  • Visualize sound frequencies in the color spectrum with amazing animations
  • Swipe to take a snapshot and store in your photo album
  • Shake device to change the current animation
  • Configuration screen for adjusting microphone sensitivity Instructions

Just put your favorite song on your home stereo or whistle your favorite tune. Audiogasm will paint what it hears in “a hypnotic like fashion”.

Audiogasm probably won’t leave you screaming for more – but it’s the price is hard to beat.

Note: Audiogasm 3.0 now allows you to visualize the sounds playing on your iPod music player.

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