Celemony Melodyne DNA Direct Note Access Lets You Edit Notes Within Audio Files

Celemony Software is presenting at the 2009 NAMM Show the Melodyne editor, the first product with Direct Note Access (DNA).

DNA technology lets you, for the first time, edit individual chord tones in audio recordings.

Melodyne editor offers for single audio tracks all the possibilities that have made Melodyne legendary, and, with DNA, opens up in addition to these unique new possibilities for the correction and refashioning of audio material. Melodyne editor can run as a plug-in or stand-alone and will be available from spring 2009 for 349 US$/€.

This opens up reams of creative possibilities for audio editing. At the most obvious level, imagine automatically changing a audio mix from major to minor. At a more advanced level, DNA makes it possible to reharmonized fully arranged recorded material.


Melodyne editor is designed for the editing of individual instrumental recordings such as vocals, guitar, saxophone or piano, but good results can also be obtained with more complex material such as string quartets. If two instruments sound the same note at the same time, Melodyne editor offers one note for editing. The user can alter the pitch, position and duration of the note detected, make it louder or quieter, copy or cut it and paste it in some other position, and so on. Adjustments can also be made to the formant register, vibrato and drift of the notes as well as any pitch, volume or formant transitions. Special copying functions also allow the transfer of selected attributes from one note to another.

The new software base offers among other things optimized multi-threading that fully exploits the advantages of modern multicore processors. In addition, it allows many improvements in plug-in operation including freely selectable window size, the monitoring of pitch editing, scrubbing, and ‘Edit Play’ (playback not tied to the host).

“Our first product with DNA was intended to be an update to Melodyne plugin 2. Since, however, we have ended up developing a new product around DNA, with new technology and fully new application possibilities, and one that furthermore can also be used as a stand-alone application, we decided to give it a new name. Melodyne editor sums it up nicely: a Melodyne editing environment for individual tracks,” says Carsten Gehle, Technical Director of Celemony Software GmbH.

When it appears in spring 2009, Melodyne editor will replace Melodyne plugin and be available for 349 US$/€ from the Celemony web shop as well as from music dealers. In addition, Melodyne editor will also be a part of the Melodyne studio bundle. The update options already announced for existing users of Melodyne plugin will still be valid: the switch to Melodyne editor will cost 129 US$/€, and anyone who registered Melodyne plugin after the 12th March 2008 will even receive Melodyne editor free of charge.

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