Beat Kangz Beat Thang Could Be Sexiest Beat Box Ever

2009 NAMM Show: Beat Kangz is introducing a new sampling workstation that looks like it could be the sexiest beat box ever – The Beat Thang

The Bourne-o-vision video above is pretty bad, but even with the bad video, the interface looks like it will be pretty spectacular. If Beat Kangz can deliver, this could heat up things up in the world of drum machines/MPCs.

Check it out and let me know what you think!


  • Sampling with onboard waveform editing
  • Over 3000 new sounds designed by The Beat Kangz
  • 16 Track MIDI sequencer 
  • 500 production ready Platinum beats and loops created by The Beat Kangz
  • Sleek design and styling with customizable “Paintz” and “Grillz”
  • Convenient, light-weight portable design with internal rechargable battery
  • USB In & Out 
  • Pitch and Mod Wheels
  • On Board FX including Reverb, Delay, Automated Filters and tons of Crazy “Freak FX” including “Chopped and Screwed”!!!!
  • On Board “Mo Bang” Mastering with EQ and Limiting
  • 256 MB Ram standard
  • 2 High Speed SD Card Slots
  • Export Beats to a Mac or PC 
  • Easy to USE
  • And – “More top Secret Features and Surprises that we dont want our sleezy, thieving corporate competitors to know…. but we’ll tell ya soon!”




  • 2 Headphone Jacks
  •  Carry audio output via USB. USB Connects to any Hard drive, USB keys can also be read and write to
  • Read directly off of the SD cards. 2 Slots capbable of 16GB’s each
  • 256 MB Ram Stock
  •  512 Flash for user content on board. Higher if its a custom order
  •  Stereo Mic Line input with Phantom Power
  • Sampling, and Resampling of outputs
  • Tempo sync Delay, Mastering, Reverb, Filters and tons of other weird FX
  • Plans to open FX section to 3rd party developers . Can you say VST (Ed. Very interesting…..)
  • Custom Paint. Any Color LED’s, Custom Grillz
  • Each pad can have 16 layers with independent pitch, cut off res, pan, velocity, vol and a single pad can be spread across a whole keyboard with Loop points so you can sample synths strings or anything and turn it into multi layered patches.
  • PC Drum Kit builder with Drag and Drop capabilities

Sequencer Information

  • 96 PPQ
  • 1000 Sequences
  • 500 Songs
  • Individual Bar Length which can be changed in real time even while recording. (Ed. Excellent!!)
  • Quantize and Swing can be changed in real-time.
  • All your Songs, Sequences, Beats, Kits, Patches, Samples and settings that are on your SD cards are always there and show up just like the presets.
  • 13 Pads with Velocity
  • 8 Pad banks per track 
  • 16 Tracks 
  • Pad and Track mute and Solo 
  • Mixer with level control FX send, Pan, Pitch Automation, Filter and EQ Automation per Track including (Low Pass, Band Pass, Hi pass, Low Shelf, High Shelf and Notch, Automated Q control to)
  • Dynamic Kit and Patch creator which is easy and to use. Samples can all have categories (Kicks, Snares Hats etc) App for converting your own samples into the categories and the ability to create your own.
  • 16 Layers per PAD with velocity, pan, pitch ,cut off, res and volume control
  • Can create multilayerd patches that span a keyboard from one pad or multiple. Each bank can have a different patch (keys and bass or drums and synth )

20 thoughts on “Beat Kangz Beat Thang Could Be Sexiest Beat Box Ever

  1. Lol this is definitely a total fake. Check out there website and you will see what i mean. 100 % sure bout this.


    “More top Secret Features and Surprises that we dont want our sleezy, thieving corporate competitors to know…. but we’ll tell ya soon!”

    Nice refference to the Linndrum 😉

  2. I don’t think it is fake from the video on youtube. We will have to until tomorrow when this thang is exposed at the Namm show. I bet Akai and the other big companies are wishing this is fake, and I don’t think their wish will become reality.

  3. The thing looks like a kiddie toy with those ridiculous flashing lights. It’s a butt ugly design too. It’s probably just another crappie rom sample playback machine housed in a shite plastic chassis. No thanks. If I want a ‘real’ drum machine I will stick to my Machinedrum MKII UW, or grab an MPC as this thing looks lame. I mean, who wants to buy gear supposedly developed by some lame southern hip hop artist? Their website is brutal. They should learn how to speak and write proper English before they attempt to tackle technology. Lame.

  4. Gotta love how people just start to stereotype the quality of this product based on “flashing lights” or the slang. How about go try the thang and then come back with a real review not a rant. If this thang delivers what they promised, This will change the whole game of these products.

  5. It looks and sounds like its really expensive. how much is it gonna cost? like a G ? I do like that fact that you can edit drums on the PC. But even if it can do half the stuff listed, the work flow would be a nightmare. At hat price you should get get Ableton or Guru and some NI stuff. Add a midi controller and your good to go! The only other reason to get it is cause of its looks but are you really going to show up to a battle with this thing? Are you wowing the audience with your ground effects? you get laughed off stage.

    Regardless, I hope it is better then the StreetBoxx…There is 2 Bills i wish i got back…

  6. Any info on the polyphony or did I miss that?
    Should I assume it’s only 16 notes or…?

    96ppq resolution is a *real* let down
    (just like on the Akai mpc2500)

    If it can be customised to look good then it may not be too bad all in all – just think they may have made some costly errors by cutting corners.

    If the fx etc are opened up to 3rd paries tho that’ll be cool

  7. I love the Ensoniq ASR-X and Electribe style drum pads.
    Wow! if this THANG live up to the hype. Man ole Man, talk about game changer. Sweet I can’t wait: Hardware + VSTi + iphone app = WTF!!!


  8. Holy shit….. this is gonna kill tha game.

    The features are great and the look is on some future shizzle…
    I like the lights. I’m a DJ and work in the dark allot it will be nice to see what i’m doing. Machine is ok but really generic and not portable same old stuff…. I aint gonna bring my CPU to a night club when i spin… Thats just asking for trouble. 2 tech’s my vestax and a Thang and im good. This is def not a fake…. To many youtubes of the working model. I havent been this excited about a new piece of gear in a long while.

    This is a must buy!

  9. This thing is definitely real, the virtual version is out now, I've been playing with it since last weekend. What I really want is the hardware though. I don't care how it looks, I'm interested in how the workflow will be. I have an mpc 4000 already, I'm not looking for a replacement for that because, truth be told…I do most of my production in ableton live now.

    BUT, with this small box being portable and working with the software version, it will fill my random crave for making music away from the computer. That's what the draw is for me, because sometimes I like to turn the computer off and just make some music. My mpc is dope, but the no load times on this "thang" also excite me a bit.

    It can't replace my 4k as a center of a studio, because it only has 1 midi out at this point, but, I've sold all my keyboards and racks so I don't need all that because like I said, ableton took things over lol.

    This will give me a nice escape from software though, it looks fun. I doubt I will "blang" mines out, but I may sexy it up a bit lol.

  10. I'm not gonna hate on this thing b/c people hated on FL Studio until 9th Wonder starting using it, then everybody switched sides. If you can use this as a MIDI controller to use with FL Studio, Reason, etc then you're in business. As far as the software, it looks cheesy but like I said, as long as the options are there (i.e. sequencing, sampling, midi, recording capabilities, custom sounds, fx, etc) then it doesn't matter what you use. They could've used another name tho! "Beat Thang" is wak!

  11. This is dope as hell Ive been using the virtual for 2 month and it dope need a few things added but dope. need to be able to appen patterns and change from one sequence to another without having to double click the mouse or without having to put it in song mode to audition pattern. You know what I mean you want to see if pattern 1 runs into pattern 5 smoothly you have to put it in song mode to do that at the moment.

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