NAMM Preview: Native Instruments Maschine

via monofonicos: Native Instruments will be introducing Maschine – a next generation groove production studio that combines hardware and software – at the 2009 NAMM Show. 

Looks like they are trying to take over MPC territory.

Details to come!

11 thoughts on “NAMM Preview: Native Instruments Maschine

  1. Damn… I just decided to get KORE 2 and i saw this… yummy!! Not the same thing, iknow.. but this seems to work as a DAW controller aswell..wich kore dosent.

    And if has drum syntesis it’s gonna be a dream..

    A competitor to the elektron machinedrum…

    Still droolin… well, we’ll se later today i guess what it’s all about

  2. I hear from a friend at NI who is testing this that it provides some of those treasured MPC style functions, especially with recording and programming on the fly! Definitely excited for this to drop in the states!

  3. the pads look dumb. they look like korg pads, which are horrible. btu i hope it feels like an MP. i jsut started using komplete 5 with kore 2 and it is fucking increadbly dope. i just hate all these “MPC style” things that are all hype and looks.

  4. This Maschine along with komplete 5, kore 2 and ya DAW would be such a powerful workstation.

    This kind of unit is long awaited! Im not usually into the self contained MPC thing but to be used as a VST in the DAW.

    must get that loan……..

  5. This looked really good , like a modern version of a Roland MC-909. Then I looked at the back,no 1/4 outs no sale. how can you use it as a stand alone?

    Swing and a miss!

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