Mindblowing Synth Find At 2009 NAMM Show

Synthtopia may have insanely massive coverage of the 2009 NAMM Show – but TJ at Califaudio managed to find something we missed – this mind-blowing modular synth of Skot Wiedmann:

The custom star-shaped synth has no name, no traditional oscillators and no LFOs.

Well, what is it then?

Talking to Skot, it seems like he’s still figuring out. Each section does something different depending on what it’s patched to with banana plugs. He says feedback circuits are in play, and it’s combination of analog and digital designs.

This looks fantastically original. If any readers have the scoop on Wiedman’s synth, leave a comment!

More at Wiedmann’s site – but it’s temporarily down.

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