The Neosynth24 Expansion Board

At the 2009 NAMM Show, CME and WaveIdea announced NeoSynth24, a new audio/MIDI expander available as an expansion board for CME keyboards (UF and VX series).

NeoSynth24 features onboard DSP for up to 124 voices of polyphony, a built-in effects engine, two sets of analog outputs as well as headphones and S/PDIF output. The unit can also expand the VX and UF MDID and audio interface capability via onboard connections.

NeoSynth24 features a built-in sound bank (64 MBytes/256 Mbits) that can be updated and expanded. Various sound banks are available, including a General MIDI standard instruments set, Grand Piano style, Hip Hop style, Techno/House style, R&B style and more.

These sound banks are purchased on SD cards that are used to upgrade the on board instruments via an onboard SD slot. All available sound banks are high quality sampled instruments, from 16 to 24 bits resolution and up to 96 kHz sampling frequency.

4 thoughts on “The Neosynth24 Expansion Board

  1. This is a deceptive advertisement !!!
    No Grand Piano style, Hip Hop style, Techno/House style, R&B style exist !!!

  2. The product is announced as new every year since 2002… Website from Waveidea (the designer of the board) is the same since 2002 (no news, no real information). They never answer to emails….
    No sound banks are available (apart a shitty GM bank delivered with the board) and you can not load your own sound banks in the SD card (the software requires files that CME do not provide). Everything is proprietary, and you can get the 124 voices of polyphony only if you switch all effects off.
    Very, very deceptive product

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