One Hundred And One Synthesizers In Two Minutes

Nortec’s Pepe and Ramon visit BigCityMusic, and check out one hundred and one synthesizers in two minutes. 

“This is one our many visits to Bigcitymusic, one of our favorite analogue synthesizer store around, we really thanks to Roger and all bigcitymusic family we love you guys.” – Pepe & Ramon.

You can see here at least a knob or slider from Analogue Systems modular systems, LL Electronics, Metasonix, Cwejman, Mellotron, Sherman, Jomox, Vermona, System 8500 modular, French Connection Martenot-style controller, rs-420 Octave Controller, rs95e VCO, rs370 Polyphonic Harmonic Generator, rs300 CV to MIDI and others. 

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