6 thoughts on “Is This The Future Of Music Studios?

  1. It definitely is one of the multiple options out there. But definitely not the end all be all. Making music in a touch screen environment that is a “portal” in a studio is definitely less then ideal IMHO.

    Also, for people who are visually impaired there will need to be a textured / tactile alternative.

    I think companies making hardware / software hybrids are closer to what we’ll see in the future. Hardware controllers backed by software is closer to a human relationship we can all participate in.

  2. Seems like a good idea for balding musicians with rat tails.

    I kinda prefer moving a mouse a few inches rather than moving my whole arm to do the same task.

    Now if this was angled nearly horizontal (10*?) I can see it being much better.

    This is the 1980’s version of 2001. lol where’s my hoverboard!

  3. Yeah that would be tiring to work like that for any long period of time, and it’s too big to lay it flat tbh as with a desk console. The hybrid option is more realistic I think, but innovations and experimentation like this shouldn’t be stopped by any means.

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