4 thoughts on “This Music Software Ad May Give You Nightmares

  1. I’m not only inspired, but I’m also thrilled and shaking right now.

    Idea is good though. Just like the one I did have 2 years ago.
    But I’m curious how could it be handled without having a super steady fast (upload) internet connection. We’ll see…

    About the ad.
    It is scaringly hilarious. Not only because of a Commodore keyboard, but the execution… personally intimidated by the mother. Thanking God right now, that I don’t have such an “encouraging” family, and a computer screen which looks like a miniature suitcase electric piano.

  2. Lol, yeah very good photoshoot and ad. That’s what a lot of ads from the early 80’s looked like in the personal computer & videogame market back then. Yeah the wife’s look is monsterous definitly.

  3. It cracks me up how retro this looks, in a distorted way. Definitely reminds me of old home computer & game ads.

    I’m hoping while HobNox have done an excellent (slick Flash UI which I didn’t know was possible) job of emulating classic Roland devices, they’ll grow beyond. I like how they’re growing a community, too.

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