AD 2009 Electronic Music Festival Gets Official

AD Music has announced the relaunch of electronic music festivals in Derby, with the AD 2009 Electronic Music Festival:

It’s 20 years since AD Music was founded and so an electronic music festival seemed a suitable event to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The midlands, and Derby in particular, is considered by many people to be the UK hub of electronic music and it is where our early concerts were held in 1993 and our first festival was held in 1996, so there is a nice symmetry. The excellent “Awakenings Evening” held every two months is doing a great job as the only regular electronic music event in the area, with the Hampshire Jam ensuring interest is kept bubbling in the South. In Europe there is the continued efforts of Groove’s e-live and e-day, while Germany is seeing renewed electronic music activity with the excellent electronic circus event in Beilefeld. So it’s our hope that this event will help rejuvenate interest in an annual all day electronic music festival and if the Derby event is a financial success, then it is AD Music’s intention to organize another next year.

So, if electronic music is your thing, which it probably is if you’re reading this, then support us in bringing back a Derby electronic music festival. Being a record label, we will always seek to have at least one of our acts on the bill. But as can be seen from the strong 2009 line up, it is not exclusively an AD Music artist festival, and it won’t be in the future either.

Here are the details:

Date: Saturday 5th September 2009

The Guildhall, Derby.
Doors open; 13:00 hours
Ticket price: £25.00 (twenty five pounds)

Tickets also available from the Guildhall ticket office

About the venue: The Guildhall has seating for 240, of which 80 are in the balcony. The balcony seats will be allocated on a first come first served basis, so please book early to avoid disappointment if the balcony is your preference. There are coffee facilities and a bar at the venue. Food is available from the many local restaurants and cafes within walking distance of the Guildhall.

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