7 thoughts on “Electro-Harmonix Voice Box Demo

  1. vocoder sounds beautiful. way better than anything on the low-end from korg…of course, that’s just my opinion. just the fact that you can use anything for a carrier signal is amazing.

  2. as with a lot of videos, I’d like to hear more from the PRODUCT and a lot less explanation of what I’ve already read. I used to hate the BOSS/Roland DVDs that showed you their products under flashing spotlights, while a narrator told you all about them. Just PLAY THE PRODUCT – you can use text to tell me what feature I’m hearing demoed… She IS a cutie though… 🙂 When she finally got around to singing, she did a fine job showing a real world example of how I might actually use the pedal. My duo partner and I happen to DO that song in our set.

  3. Just picked up one of these. In the first place, although some of your are correct that this has been done before, notably by Digitech, this thing costs about half the price of the Digitech Vocal Live, is a smaller unit, and does have a few added bells and whistles (literally; the “whistle mode” is a novelty found only on this box).

    What’s more, it’s about half the price currently. I almost pulled the trigger on the Digitech but opted for this instead. The Digitech’s advantage is more detailed control of the harmony lines, and two, THREE or four vocal lines (as opposed to just two or four). But at this price point, and including the vocoder and other novelty EFX, I think this was a better value.

    Oh, and it’s a generational thing, I guess. The girl was “cute” if you like the post-meth look. And she was NOT an effective presenter.

  4. This box is pretty good. The vocoder is excellent, but the harmony section poor. it is unreliable in harmony mode and often gets the harmony's wrong, can't cope with quick chord changes. If your buying it for the vocoder then you won't be dissapointed, but harmony wise its a bit pants.

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