Subaquatic Music With Glass Instruments

This beautiful and strange documentary captures the performance of Styx, music by the French electronic music composer Michel Redolfi, inventor of the subaquatic concerts.

The concerts took place in Lille swimming pool (France, summer 2004).

Glass instruments are played by French multi-instrumentalist virtuoso Thomas Bloch (glassharmonica, cristal Baschet, ondes Martenot) and electronic devices and sounds transformation by Michel Redolfi. The audience listened to different music inside and outside the water.

The very beginning uses mainly the cristal Baschet and some glassharmonica sounds. After a mix with electronic sounds, comes the glassharmonica with solo parts together with the cristal Baschet and electronic sounds.


Other names : musique subaquatique, aquatique, électroacoustique, electronic, Ones Martenot (Catalan), Ondas Martenot (Spain, Portugal), Martenot waves (English), Onde Martenot (Italy), Fale Martenota (Poland), 0™0Û0…0?0?0Î0»0Œ (Japan) – wrong name : Martinot / armonica de verre (France), Armonica de vidro, orgue de verre (France, Belgium), crystal harmonica, crystal armonica, glass organ, crystal organ, Armónica de cristal (Spain), Armonica a bicchieri (Italian), glasharmonika (Germany, Denmark, Sweden), glassharmonika (Norway), Harmonika szklana (Poland), 0¢0Î0‚0À0´ (Japan), close instruments : glass harp, glassharfe, glass harfe, harpe de verre, verrophon, verrophone, seraphim, verres musicaux, musical glasses

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