Save $$$ On A Moog Synthesizer, Theremin Or Moogerfooger In February

Got some extra cash burning a hole in your pocket? 

If so, consider yourself fortunate and check out Moog’s Grammy Sale. For all of February, Moog Music is offering rebates on some of its most popular electronic music gear:

Receive Massive Rebates on Moog Gear

$100 – Minimoog Voyager or Voyager Old School,
$75 – Little Phatty Stage II, Stage or Tribute Edition
$30 – Etherwave Theremin or Moogerfooger

In honor of Bob Moog’s Grammy win, it’s time for our 5th annual Grammy Sale. Get money back on gear purchased from authorized dealers in the US during the month of February 2009.

Offer good only on purchases by U.S. retail customers from authorized Moog dealers in the U.S. 

If on the other hand, you’ve got bills to pay, check out our massive coverage of free music software instead!

2 thoughts on “Save $$$ On A Moog Synthesizer, Theremin Or Moogerfooger In February

  1. 😀 I can’t believe they call this “a massive rebate”!!! Its not even 5% down for a Voyager..$100 will not going to change the world…especially with products that cost $$$$! Hey Moog Music! Get down to the are not selling space technology! :p

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