Yamaha Synthesizer Vs A Tesla Coil

Bach Little Fugue: Tesla Coil vs Yamaha Synth


This video captures a quick and dirty demonstration of the XenoSonic Audio Interface, plus – to make it interesting – a Tesla Coil shooting a 4 foot arc of electricity.

Is this the ultimate Switched-On Bach?

A Yamaha S03 Synthesizer is hooked up directly to the miniBrute DRSSTC, via the XenoSonic Audio Interface.

Since the XenoSonic only produces monophonic output, the Bach Fugue in Gminor was pre-recorded on an Allen C-6 Classical organ and then various voices were added using the Yamaha S03 in real time to the Tesla coil.

Says eastvoltresearch: “Its quite a bit sloppy, but that’s mostly because i didn’t really practice how i was going to play individual voices from the piece and I had a hard time hearing the actual prerecorded music, so its a bit out of sync. Anyways, enjoy.”

More information and details can be found at Eastern Voltage Research.

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  1. as of late Ive been using the roland fantom really like it and some of there other stuff is good as well. Jim Dakis

  2. hey bro that was fucking mind blowing, can u please ust elaborate a bit more, is it the frequency of that lightning bolt that is producing that synth sound?

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