DB-303 Digital Bass Line Synthesizer For The iPhone, iPod touch

Pulse Code has released DB-303 Digital Bass Line synthesizer – a Roland TB-303 emulator, with effects, for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  

It’s $4.99 via the App Store.

If you’ve tried out the DB-303 Digital Bass Line synth, leave a comment and let us know what you think!


via Pulse Code:

Armed with the passion to bring to life a virtual 303, we have gone to great lengths to recreate the ultimate acid machine. We used our very own vintage 303 as reference, running the machine through a battery of feature specific tests to better understand and emulate in our application.

What we discovered is that the 303 is not just another subtractive monosynth as some may claim and we believe that our emulation captures its true expressive essence. Our emulation has nuances that only owners of a real 303 know such as what happens when all of the pattern steps are slides or how each parameter truly reacts to the tempo.

Not only does Digital Bass Line give you a full featured virtual analog synthesizer, it also gives you two versatile effects stomp boxes to bring more life to your bass lines. The easy and intuitive design makes creating bass lines fun and quick, whether you are a veteran of analog and digital synthesizers, or a newcomer to electronic music.

Download the owner’s guide and view “How-to” videos at www.pulsecodeinc.com/db-303.



  • Virtual Analog Bass Line Synthesizer Emulation
  • Precise oscillator emulation (not a simple waveform, but a true emulation of the analog circuitry)
  • Classic analog style low pass filter finely tuned to a real 303
  • Internal sequencer which has all of the features of the classic, but with a quick and easy programming interface 
  • Envelope Modulation and Accent to really make your bass lines expressive 
  • Stunning visual representation of a 303 style synthesizer meticulously designed and 3D modeled from the real thing
  • Virtual knob controls which precisely track your finger touch
  • Additional Functions: 
    • Random pattern generator that will instantly program incredible bass lines for you! 
    • Group 1-8 patterns in to play back as a loop 
    • Transpose Pattern 
    • Shift Pattern 
    • Copy Pattern 
    • Delete Pattern 
    • Tempo range from 40-240 beats per minute 
    • Automatic memory save if application is interrupted or exited 
  • Integrated Stomp Box Style Effects Units: 
  • Distortion 
    • Extremely harsh distortion tuned to make your Digital Bass Line scream! 
    • Tone control to add extra fatness or shimmering highs 
    • Level control for precise control of audio output
  • Delay 
    • up to 1000ms variable delay time 
    • Feedback amount for adding extra depth and echoes to the delay
    • Mix control for blending delay output with input signal 

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