iOSC Turns Your iPhone Into A Music Controller

iOSC (App Store Link) is a remote control application that uses the OSC (Open Sound Control) protocol to turn your iPhone into a music control surface.

Using the OSC protocol over your device’s built-in Wi-Fi connection, iOSC communicates with other compatible hardware and software nodes on your network. You can also remote control the middleware such as Max MSP, Processing, ActionScript (FLOSC) and many other devices that support the OSC protocol from your iPhone.

It sells for $2.99. 

If you’re using iOSC, let us know how your using it and what you think of it!

Features of iOSC:

  • Ability to prevent errors during the live with large size parts. 
  • Ability to set from “Parts Set” as default.
  • Customize Parts colors or label names. 
  • Customize OSC messages. 
  • Multi-host functions *You can register different Hosts for each Parts. Now iOSC enables you to control multiple hosts simultaneously. 

How to use:

  • First, go the settings. 
  • Press the EDIT button, and tap the part that you want to set. 
  • Make sure to set the appropriate host. (Added host can be commonly used for all Parts.) If you only set the host, a default OSC message will be sent.

How to delete the list:

  • To delete the set from Main menu, tap Edit then flick it. 
  • To delete the host from Host List, flick it.

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