7 thoughts on “Ableton Live 8 Preview

  1. Looks really nice, especially liked the audio sample crossfading and moving the knobs and sliders of several channels at once. This one will most likely go to my shopping list.

  2. A friend recently introduced me to ableton 7, as my first entry into the world of software production .I haven’t got to grips with it yet , but it seems incredible that so many tools are available on a software program. I don’t know how they can fit more into it, but obviously they have!

  3. The grouping and linking-together of tracks seems pretty useful. Looks like a nice upgrade…especially with the crossfade, which is a pretty basic requirement.

  4. You guys are leaving out the best parts! 8 bit rendering!(finally) Improved “complex” warping with less digital artifacts (yes I am wondering how they define “less”:) The ability to create your own machines, fx, ect. with max4live (gui interface for the cycling code) The transient mode for warp markering makes way more sense. The list goes on and on.

    Trust me I have always loved Ableton but used Nuendo up until Live 7 to mixdown in as it sounded way better. I am never a blind follower..always go with what works best for you! This program is as close to dreaming out loud as I’ve used for audio. 8 looks nuts on so many levels. Lets just hope it runs smoothly:)

  5. 8 does look like it could be nuts – let’s just hope it stays relatively simple to use.

    Isn’t the Max stuff a separate product, though?

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