6 thoughts on “How The Dr. Who Theme Was Recorded

  1. Thanks for that, I think I saw it first time round also heheh.

    Seriously, if someone gave me that kit list now I could throw out all my synths, plugins and computers!

  2. It’s from the late 80s. I think that theme was used from when Sylvester McCoy took over in 1987 until the show was cancelled in 1989.

    I looked at the video and thought that with Pro-53 and Pro Tools, I could do all that in my ageing Powerbook now.

  3. For those who don’t know, Mark Ayres was the man responsible for saving the BBC Radiophonic Workshop’s tape archives when it was finally closed down in 1998, and has been remastering a series of CDs of the RW output. He was also a composer working on the show in the Sylvester McCoy era.

    See the excellent SoundOnSound article from April 08 on the history of the Radiophonic Workshop (which is now up on their site for free viewing… highly recommended).

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