Prepared Piano Works On Tenori-On

This video captures a digital adaption of prepared piano works for Tenori-Ons.

via znshn:

Digital adaptation of the “prepared piano” ways of playing as first imagined by Henry Cowell and developped by John Cage in “Sonatas & interludes for prepared piano” (which aesthetic result is very close to his compositions for percussion quartet and Balinese gamelans) using two TENORI-ON(s) and various filters.

These rehearsals are part of a series of solo pieces inspired by John Cage’s experiments for prepared piano and Colon Nancarrow works for mechanical piano.

Material in this video:- 2 TENORI-ON(s)- MI Audio Pollyanna Octave Synth- Moog Low Pass Filter (MF-101)- Moog Ring Modulator (MF-102)- Jomox M-Resonator- POG Polyphonic Octave Generator (Electro Harmonix)- Space Echo (Boss RE-20) *only reverb used here- Boss FV-500L (as expression pedal for LPF Resonance)- Boss FV-500L (as expression pedal for RM Frequency)- Boss EV-5 for Space Echo volume *not used here.

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