Microtonal Piano Pieces

via Kyle Gann at PostClassic:

Awhile back, pianist Aron Kallay performed all of my microtonal electronic keyboard pieces out in Los Angeles. He recently sent me the mp3s, and I’m struck speechless by their quality.

He used a tremendously responsive keyboard (a Yamaha Clavinova), and I have to attribute much of the finesse to that – because the alternative is to admit that I’m a really lousy pianist by comparison. Anyway, he did a beautiful job and made me all impressed with my music all over again.

Gann’s pieces make very interesting use of the harmonies available with microtuning, but are also very accessible:


You can preview one of Gann’s pieces, Triskaidekaphonia, above. More at Gann’s site.

Let me know what you think. Is microtonal music an important frontier to explore with electronic instrument?

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