Atari Video Music And Modular Synthesizer

This is a demo of Atari Video Music, a light synthesizer, by Electronic musician David Talento.

A Cyndustries/Modcan modular synth was used as the audio source. All audio and video changes done live in real time with no editing.

The Atari Video Music was introduced by Atari Inc. in 1976, and designed by the creator of the home version of Pong, Robert Brown. The idea was to create a visual exploration that could be implemented into a Hi-Fi stereo system.

As the legend goes, when Atari was on tour promoting the device, a Sears representative asked what they were smoking when they invented it. With that, a technician stepped forward holding up a lit joint.

The unit was in production for only a year.

If you’ve used the Atari Video Music system, leave a comment with your thoughts!

via legionhwp, wikipidia

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