Leon Theremin Demonstrates His Invention In 1927


This video captures a historic film of Leon Theremin demonstrating his namesake instrument in 1927.

via CharlieDraper:

Leon Theremin demonstrates his new invention to the London Press in this 1927 newsreel.This film has no audio.

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One thought on “Leon Theremin Demonstrates His Invention In 1927

  1. A most amazing man. Leon was later captured by the KGB and kept in Siberia for many years, only able to return to the free world as a senior citizen. Leon is symbolic of the conflict between the creative thinkers versus the close-minded policy makers of fascism. When censorship thrives, dreams are crushed and entire lives are destroyed.
    Be sure to check out Theremins protege’, Clara Rockmore, the diva of the theremin instrument.

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