Obama Girl Stimulus Song Features Auto-Tuned Barack Obama, A Keytar Geek & Gratuitious Booty

Obama Girl Stimulates, the latest from Obama Girl, Barack Obama, and Mike Gregory, features some heavily Auto-Tuned Barack Obama.

And, if you ever doubted that Auto-Tune can make anyone sing, here’s the proof. The video also offers more proof that Herbie Hancock is the only guy ever to look badass playing the keytar.


we are ready to lead once more
pick ourselves up
dust ourselves off
begin remaking america

we are ready to lead once more, once more, once more
the challenges we face are real
but they will be met once more

first black president
casa blanca resident
BHO pushin GWB toward irrelevance
but we can’t even breathe a sigh of relief
we too busy fixin the sh&$ the predecessor bequeathed (uh!)

i used to be the best at brushin my teeth
now i’m unbelievably terrible at brushin my teeth (houh!)
[brush] fikki fikki [brush] fikki fikki [brush] fikki
[brush] fikki fikki [brush] fikki fikki, brush it good!
i used to sweep the floor like a sweepin pro
now i suck! [sweep] schweppi [sweep] schweppi [sweep] schwep it good [sweep]

new commander in chief, watch my skills increase
epic fail epidemic to a winnin streak


ready to lead on the energy crisis
won’t claim [sic] a coalition if britain the only sidekick
ready to enter into talks with some crackheads
and broker peace between insects and arachnids

we used to be the best at brokerin peace
now we as ineffective as i am at brushin my teeth

we bout to see a change from barack hussein

change the way i brush my teeth, the way i sweep,
the way i eat beef and broker peace in the middle east

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