12 thoughts on “Casio KX-101 Keyboard Boombox

  1. i have one and am looking to sell (in uk) but i do not know where to sell it or if there is a collector . if anyone has any helpful information i would love to hear it. its in working condition. thank you. email [email protected]

  2. i have one i am looking to sell (Oregon). I have been trying but it is a difficult piece to get rid of.

  3. I have an Casio KX-101 Keyboard Boombox in exellent state for sale in the Netherlands. Can you tell me how to sell it? Is there a website with collectors?

  4. I have just come across one of these crazy arse cheesy cool boom box and is wondering what it’s worth,mine seems to be in good condition and everything works on it,what’s it worth and is anyone interested in it….cheers…Geoff…australia

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