Plan B Model 12 As VCA

This is a modular synth patch demo, of using the Plan B Model 12 as a VCA.

via boobtube356:

PlanB Model 15 saw output goes to PlanB Model 12 in LP, high Q mode. Doepfer A-140 modulates the M12 cutoff frequency. Result goes to Cwejman MX-4S with panning from sine output of the same M15. This is an interesting trick that seems to make the sound a lot bigger without altering it.

No reverb or delay is used.

Percussion sounds are two VCOs being ring modded with the 2 and 6 osc outputs on the Doepfer A-117. “Lead” part is the Doepfer A-196 PLL trying to track a VCO that is trying to track the PLL, and the result goes to Cwejman VCEQ-3 (see also PLL Arabesque). Sequencing is Doepfer A-160/161, A-152, and A-138.

No manual adjustments made during this clip.

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