Cool Music Video: Quio’s So Dazed

This is a really interesting video for Quio‘s glitchy downtempo So Dazed.

Give the video a minute for the weirdness to really start.

via Michel Gondry, who says this about the video:

There’s a good symbiosis between the music and the visuals. You feel you get to know the person as a real person when you watch the video. I saw some sharp references to Bjork’s universe – which crosses my universe – but the video is more connected to Bjork’s. And the fact that you don’t see the musicians, I think it’s always to be encouraged, because you have to be more creative to respond to the song by other means. But it’s not pretentious, and I find I like this person when I watch this video, which is the only thing that matters.

What do you think of Quio’s So Dazed and it’s video?

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