Theremin Girl Inspired By Aliens To Play Strange Music!

This is a portion of Luna G. Vargas’ documentary, Lee Crisman – The Other Alien.

In this section the self-proclaimed “Theremin Girl” talks about her belief in the alien – hybrid removal of one of her neighbors from the small apartment building she lives at in the Los Angeles area.

Theremin Girl’s testimony is seeped in government conspiracy! She also comments on how all this goes on around us without gaining our attention, with an analogy of how her neighbors got use to the sounds of her playing a Theremin.

This is some bizarre-ass stuff.

Let me know if you have any more information on Theremin Girl, alien-human hybrid next door neighboors, or The Blue Light.

via LeeCrisman

3 thoughts on “Theremin Girl Inspired By Aliens To Play Strange Music!

  1. 1 – man, she’s cute and damn, how many girls do you know that are into synths? and it’s not like she’s wearing a tinfoil hat or so ….
    rock on theremin girl!

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