Logan String Melody Mk2


This is another vintage keyboard demo by Retrosound – this time of the Logan String Melody Mk2, a classic string synthesizer. 

via retrosound72:

Some presets from the Logan / Hohner String Melody Mk2 (1977-1980).

For me, one of the best vintage string machines ever. Sorry Solina 😉 

If you’ve used the Logan String Melody Mk2 string synthesizer, leave a comment with your thoughts!

4 thoughts on “Logan String Melody Mk2

  1. I have one, and it really sounds incredible. I had a Solina too in the past.
    Besided the timbre, which is richer and alive, the Logan offers control over the mix of the various sections and a simple envelope. Really cool machine!

  2. I have owned both the Solina and the Logan/Hohner String Melody 2. Currently I own just the Logan/Hohner. When I first got the Solina, many years ago, it was my first string synthesizer and I loved it. However, over time, I found that my ear tired of that Solina sound. Even today, when I hear Solina tracks in 1970's pop music, it just doesn't do the same thing for me that it did. The Logan/Hohner however, I feel has a more interesting nuanced 3D sound to it. I love it and I will never sell it.

  3. I have Logan String Melody 2
    and sometimes I used this instrument with Bad Stone phaser
    I think
    it's a very different voices
    when I compare Solina with Logan String Melody 2

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