Synesthesia Updates Virtual Brain For Mandala Drum Synthesizer

Mandal drum

Synesthesia has announced that it’s updated the Virtual Brain for the Mandala drum synthesizer to support multiple pads.

The new Virtual Brain v1.50 was developed from requests made by Mandala players and has been tested extensively in multipad experiments with Danny Carey of the rock band TOOL.

The new “Virtual Brain” v1.50 software is available now to anyone via free download from the company’s website at Even without buying the Mandala, anyone can download the software and tinker with it – on its own, or with other PC or Mac-compatible musical devices.

The Mandala is an advanced drum synth device that works as a USB MIDI controller with most major music software such as Battery 3, Reaktor, FXpansion BFD, Ableton Live, Propellerhead Reason and Apple GarageBand. Synesthesia also offers a special set of presets and HD snare players for Battery 3.

Details on the update below.

New features include:

  • Master Window and Pad Windows combined into one Main Window
  • More user friendly for multiple pad connection and multiple pad control of program
  • Onscreen pad zones light up upon strikes
  • Double the amount of preset hotkeys
  • Added preset changing via external MIDI program change
  • Greatly reduced load time for full kit (multiple Mandala) presets
  • Added ability (PC Users) for Mandalas to control the Virtual Brain and 3rd party programs simultaneously with MIDI Yoke (free download from
  • Automatic audio level safety when changing presets
  • Virtual Brain starts on last used preset
  • Added visual of exact strike ring position over swirl logo
  • Added screen jump edit button for laptops when more than 4 zones active
  • Number of voices now saves with every preset

The Mandala 2.0 retails for $349, and is available online at Each Mandala is hand-crafted and thoroughly tested before it is shipped. Synesthesia also offers a discount to Dual Pack buyers from and will issue a $50 rebate with proof of a multiple pad purchase from

3 thoughts on “Synesthesia Updates Virtual Brain For Mandala Drum Synthesizer

  1. I am eager to demo this, I’m thinking I can midi it to my Akai sampler
    and trigger my fave drum sounds. I’ll see where I can get my hands on one in L.A. and I’ll post my 2 cents. It sure looks a lot more interesting than my old Roland SPD 6.

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