Amazing Film Explores Synesthesia

This short film by Terri Timely, Synesthesia, like the films of David Lynch, envelopes you in a dreamworld. The film explores synesthesia – the subjective sensation of a sense (such as sight) different than the one being stimulated (such as sound). via the awesome musicforsound blog

Synesthesia Updates Virtual Brain For Mandala Drum Synthesizer

Synesthesia has announced that it’s updated the Virtual Brain for the Mandala drum synthesizer to support multiple pads. The new Virtual Brain v1.50 was developed from requests made by Mandala players and has been tested extensively in multipad experiments with Danny Carey of the rock band TOOL. The new “Virtual Brain” v1.50 software is available… Read More Synesthesia Updates Virtual Brain For Mandala Drum Synthesizer

Beardyman’s Clouds

UK beatboxing/looping guru Beardyman does something a bit different with Clouds – a commission by OOXXOO.  Beardyman was asked to produce an audio piece on the theme of synesthesia. This was the result. Its all live looped vocals. It was produced live. No post production of any kind was involved. It was made in the same… Read More Beardyman’s Clouds

Mandala 2.0 A “Synthesizer With Drumsticks”

Synesthesia Corporation has launched a new website for the Mandala 2.0 High-Def Drum & Synthesizer and announced that it is now taking orders for the new product. Mandala 2.0 is the new version of Synesthesia’s high-def drum and synthesizer, co-developed with professional drummer Danny Carey of the progressive rock band Tool. The company announced the… Read More Mandala 2.0 A “Synthesizer With Drumsticks”