Ellatron, The iPhone Mellotron

Ellatron (App Store link) is a new $2.99 virtual Mellotron application for the iPhone.

Check out the video demo above. If you download Ellatron, leave a comment with your thoughts and ratings!


Just like the classic Mellotron M400 of the 1960s, Ellatron faithfully recreates the sounds of sweeping string sections, rich brass, gentle flutes, woodwind, and mixed voice choirs.

Say hello to classic Strawberry Fields, Stairway, Moody Blues and Zombies sounds. Groovy! But beyond the classic Prog Rock sounds, Ellatron has been brought right up to date with thunderous drum loops, a selection of organs and rich synth sounds incorporating real-time swept resonant filters.

Ellatron will be continuously updated, and the next major release will include a rich multi-voice sequencer, supporting 32-note polyphony on up to 8 concurrent Ellatron instances.

Ellatron V1 voices include : EllaChoir EllaStrings EllaBrass EllaFlute EllaWoods RiekoTron (exquisite chamber strings) 3 organs Multiple synthesizers Multiple drum loops Ellatron – the sound of the 60s in your hip pocket.

via OmenieSoftware

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