Awesome Scary Electronic Music Video

With videos like this, who needs Chris Cunningham and Aphex Twin?

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via marianoequizzi:

A liver cinema work made for Franck Vigroux music, Images by Mariano Equizzi,

Editing and mastering Luca Liggio, with the technical collaboration of KOMPLEX, Live Cinema Group

If you’ve got any more info on this video or the music, leave a comment.

5 thoughts on “Awesome Scary Electronic Music Video

  1. The light grid-like background in some parts of the video reminds me of the structure under Arche de la Defence of Paris, France.

  2. Ha, this is what you get when you glitch out without catchy melodies — Aphex is sometimes guilty of that, but his most notable tracks include both weirdness and accessibility. (“Girl/Boy Song” is a prime example.)

    @james: Yeah, a lot of bitcrushed bass rhythms VERY similar to it.

    Dynamic contrast here was lacking, and so was overall cohesion. Also lacking one of Chris Cunningham’s signature “glues” of tight visual sync to the music. Some intriguing moments that reminded me of a demoscene reel or FSOL’s “My Kingdom”, which many times more beautiful than this.

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