The EMS Synthi Control Console


Pioneering UK synth company EMS has announced the Synthi Control Console – a new prototype of a console to control 2 EMS Synthi’s (either 2 Synthi AKS, 2 VCS3 mk2 or a mixture).


  • 36×48 Matrix patching capability using standard EMS patch pins.
  • Connects to Synthi prestosockets via special umbilical cables.
  • External CV and Gate inputs to Synthi 1 and 2 via 6.35mm Jack sockets.
  • Connects to Synthi Jones sockets on Synthi 1 and 2 for switching control between either external CV/Gat or DK1/DK2/KS control via toggle switches. Connection via custom cables.
  • 4 Inverter Input/Output channels on Matrix
  • Synthi 1+2 Envelope Shapers triggered by +ve/-ve signals from Matrix.
  • 8 Output channels (6.35mm Jack sockets) via the Matrix.

EMS has enough original 1970’s Sealectro Matrix panels to make at most 7 units. They may be offered for sale on a build to order basis.

Approximate cost around £1500 + shipping (user supplied pins).

5 thoughts on “The EMS Synthi Control Console

  1. At last! I was looking for ages how to control my ancient and rare EMS synths…i will order 5 of these control consoles..they are cheap too…i’m going to buy one extra for my nephew to play. Fantastic new product!…:PPP

  2. 😀 Oh i forgot…there will be only seven of them..too bad, i told the news to my neighbours, and all of them want one or two…You know, these “everyday music tools” are like potato chips…you never have enough of them!

  3. Hi ..I am the designer/builder of the above Synthi Control Console.

    Please note I am not affiliated with/have no connection with EMS!

    steve (Digitana)

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