The Roland C-230 Classic Keyboard

roland-c-230-classic-keyboardMusikmesse 2009: The Roland C-230 is offers a selection of classical organ and bass tones, harpsichords, fortepiano, celesta, and more.


  • 36 classical organ tones onboard, plus 8 organ bass tones, 4 harpsichord tones, fortepiano, celesta, and more
  • Built-in speaker system with two full range speakers, two tweeters, and two satellites
  • Built-in song recorder allows you to record and play back your musical performances
  • Portable and attractive; user-installable decorative panels (OP-C30DP01 / 02: optional)

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Classic Sounds

The C-230 contains a treasury of sound from some of the world’s most coveted and rare classical instruments from the Rodgers/Roland library. Included in the built-in sound bank is a world’s first — the original fortepiano, which was analyzed and digitally captured by Roland’s sound-design team. Also onboard the C-230: 36 classical organ tones, plus eight organ bass tones, four harpsichord tones, 2 fortepiano, celesta, and more.


The C-230 is equipped with a 4-channel digital amplifier and an ambience engine for a rich, spatial sound. The detachable satellite speakers can be placed on the backside using the provided installation kit or separately installed from the instrument by using the provided cable (i.e. on a nearby wall or shelf). Combined with RSS technology, the satellites project a deep spatial image, as if actual organ pipes are surrounding the room.

Easy Operation

The C-230 has been refined to make sound selection and tone customizing fast and easy. Dedicated switches are provided for Pitch and Temperament, with accompanying LEDs for easy selection even under dim lighting. There are also dedicated front-panel switches for jumping the 8 Organ Basses and 36 Classic Organ tones onboard, plus Tone switches for jumping from instrument to instrument in the sound bank.


The C-230 is  designed to be portable and easy to move — great for traveling musicians, music schools, and churches. Simply unplug and carry the C-230 from room to room, venue to venue.

Private Practice

The C-230 can be connected to an external amplifier or PA system for high-volume performances or used with headphones for private practice. Music students will appreciate the ability to play day or night without disturbing their surrounding environment.

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