Tonehammer Anti-Drum II

tonehammer-anti-drum-sample-libraryTonehammer Anti-Drum II contains over 4.400 samples and 75 different instrument patches, each designed to represent a unique texture.


The library contains a variety of instruments, including boom whackers, PVC pipe percussion ensemble to flower vases, glasses, rainsticks, soda bottles. Also included are a  set of music box samples, which were recorded in several locations including large hall, studio and so forth.

The library also contains a variety of more unconventional instruments ranging from human beats through a cellphone (10 round robin and 10 velocity layers), stop watches and a compressive patch of “human trumpets”.

Anti-Drum II Features:

  • 76 instrument patches, 4.555 samples, 2.15 GB installed, 925 MB .rar download.
  • 44.1kHz/16bit and 48kHz/24bit mono and stereo .wav formats.
  • Extensive read me install, patch and hint documentation (.pdf) (download here).
  • Exclusive Troels talking about the core instruments in the library (mp3 interview).
  • Format(s): Kontakt 2 and .wav (note: Kontakt 3 requirement for bonus content).

Anti-Drum II is available for purchase for $49 USD ($59 USD on 4/7/09).

f you’ve used Tonehammer Anti-Drum, leave a comment with your thoughts!

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