megaSynth iPhone Synthesizer Demo x 4

This is a fun four-part sneak preview of megaSynth – an iPhone synthesizer.

Here are the features:

  • 5-voice polyphony (max # of fingertips allowed on the iPhone = 5)
  • 3 Oscillators, 7 waveforms
  • Triad arp and chordmaker (”Chordmatic”) with 23 scales
  • 24-bucket step sequencer
  • Dual keyboards
  • Accelerometer-controlled pitch, cutoff, resonance
  • Very many LFOs (4 to be exact: filter, pitch, volume…4th is optional audible LFO)
  • Recording, wi-fi file export/import
  • Saves infinite user presets; comes with 209 factory presets
  • FX module with reverb and modulation
  • Monophonic keyboard option also included

This should be in the iPhone store soon. More info at

If you’ve used MegaSynth, leave a comment with your thoughts!

via YonacSoftware:

miniSynth’s older brother arrives at last! Coming soon to an iTunes App Store near you (yeah, well…), megaSynth is one analog-modeling, user-friendly, respect-paying, feature-bloated, forever-grateful, tax-paying, wedding-anniversary-reminding, gum-flossing iPhone synth that’s sure to not disappoint. Try our Crelm toothpaste next. Yum yum.If interested, we’re located at

3 thoughts on “megaSynth iPhone Synthesizer Demo x 4

  1. This synth shits!! It is not very intuitive. Too much confusion, you can’t record loop… So don’t buy this app if you Want a real iPhone synthetiser, Check Nanostudio or Nlogsynth..

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