Free Album Celebrates The Mighty Yamaha CS80

heath-finnie-barteshoHeath Finnie has released a free album, Bartosho, that celebrates the sound of the Yamaha CS80.

The CS80 is considered by many to be the greatest analog synthesizer ever created. It’s a heavy, unwieldy beast – but it also offers fantastic sounds and incredible expressive control of the sound.

The Yamaha CS80 is also familiar to many as the signature synth of Vangelis.

Here’s what Finnie has to say about Bartesho:

Here is an album called ‘Bartesho’. I’m currently offering it for free here on my site for a limited time.

It was improvised using nothing but a Yamaha CS-80 synthesizer and some reverb to add some “space” to the recording. I hope you enjoy it. The mp3’s are encoded at 360kbs for better quality.

Finnie says that his influences include Tangerine Dream, Brian Eno, Cluster, Neu!, Can, Ashra, Harmonia, Boredoms, Acid Mothers Temple. To my ears, though, Bartosho brings to mind Vangelis’ love it or hate it albums Beabourg and Invisible Connections. The album alternates very mellow ambient sections with sections that feature edgier sounds.

Check out Finnie’s music page for more of his work.

via Tara at AnalogSuicide

2 thoughts on “Free Album Celebrates The Mighty Yamaha CS80

  1. the synth is indeed very powerfull i'm lucky to own one, but i must say that i don't like this album it does not represents the power of the cs80. Better kept this album private.

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