BeatSequencer BoomBap Drum Studio Lite

beatsequencerliteBeatSequencer BoomBap Lite (App Store link) is an iPhone app designed to make producing a simple drum pattern quick and fun.

This is a cut-down version of BeatSequencer BoomBap – and is an ad -supported instrument.

I’d like an ad-supported TB303 – maybe somebody could slap a sticker on the side of one…….

If you give BeatSequencer BoomBap Lite a try, leave a comment with your thoughts!


Lite Version:

  • 5 pads, two drum kits & Ads
  • 16 step switches edit recorded events *
  • Echo Effect

Full Version Includes:

  • Auto-quantizing keeps events on time
  • 16 step switches edit recorded events
  • Effects, swing, tempo, & volume controls
  • 90 Super punchy drum samples & sounds
  • Record patterns, save & load them later
  • No Ads Content

2 thoughts on “BeatSequencer BoomBap Drum Studio Lite

  1. To be honest, I gave this app a chance and just wasn’t impressed. There are much better (albeit non-free) options like Randgrid, Beatmaker, etc., that fill the gap. This one felt like little more than a toy with ads.

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