12 thoughts on “The Fresh Girls Who Dance In Synthesizer Music

  1. Going on? Guess you've been porn surfing again.
    This feed would be better without the sexist crap you pop from time to time.
    (Guy thing? No, i'm a guy, not my thing. Get smarter please.)

  2. Within the first 5 secs, I was like "THEY'RE RIPPING OFF PERFUME!" Much to my chagrin, I scroll to the comments and see what leo said. Such a recognizable electro-pop style. Ahhh.

  3. emm. I agree. the song is pretty flip, and I really don't mind at all the girls (come on man, the only reason this would be sexist is because women have better taste, there is nothing wrong with human sexuality) but the video does nothing for the music.

  4. Leo – that comment is more proof that Synthtopia readers are the smartest group of people on the planet.

    I still am puzzled by the whole "The Fresh Girls Who Dance In Synthesizer Music" thing, though.

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