Insane iPod touch Guitar!

Brian Green, who’s always coming up with strange and bent electronic music gadgets, put together this iPod touch guitar and demos it in this video.

Green explains:

Its something i basically did for fun, its not something i would use live and i don’t use the guitar in a normal sense for my music so it really would serve me no purpose.

Ok the main the i would like to clear up is NO NO NO i did not glue the itouch(s) to my guitar, there were several blogs that did a post about this and it seemed like one of the first ones that did said that i glued them to my guitar, this is false.

I seemed to get a lot of hate for the fact that i “glued ipods” to my guitar and that it was a dumb idea and so on bla bla bla, well i mean the whole idea of it was kinda a joke to begin with but my point of doing it was to do something inovative, i got the idea to try it after i seen a guy who added a guitar hero neck to a real guitar and then i made this.

Green’s iPod touch guitar appears to be more of a mashup than an instrument per se.

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2 thoughts on “Insane iPod touch Guitar!

  1. Very cool idea! He is playing music software on the iPods and mixing their sound with that of the guitar. A simple and creative presentation!

    I'll be getting an iPod band together for a free improvisation session in Halifax, Nova Scotia on May 4 and just might create a variant of that idea. So far there are 4 of us. If you are in Halifax and interested in participating contact me via Twitter at @cybermusic .


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