Native Instruments Acoustic Refractions In Ableton Live

Torley posted this video review of Native Instruments Acoustic Refractions, a new SoundPack that combines sampled material with KORE processing to offer 100 original virtual instruments.

If you’ve used NI Acoustic Refractions, leave a comment with your thoughts!

via Torley:

This new KORE SOUNDPACK is a fresh and exciting exploration of the world of sound. Combining curious and engaging sampled material with advanced processing in KORE, ABSYNTH, and other sound engines included in KORE and KORE PLAYER, this pack contains 100 completely original yet highly playable instruments that will resonate with modern musicians and sound designers.

ACOUSTIC REFRACTIONS draws inspiration from many idiosyncratic sources, as well as everyday objects and circumstances. Their transformation into playable instruments is a triumph of imagination, creativity and advanced programming. Beautifully sampled from such diverse sources as ice instruments, spinning washing machines, traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge, carpets being ripped, underground parking garages, and rain on a car windshield; ACOUSTIC REFRACTIONS is a celebration of refreshingly off-kilter sound design.

Jeremiah Savage, this pack’s creator, is an experienced musician and sound designer, and the founder of echoexist. His approach to sound, and particularly the idea of greater flexibility and exaggeration of acoustic sound by electronic means, is the root of the ACOUSTIC REFRACTIONS pack. Below, Jeremiah describes some of the inspirations behind particular sounds.

Processed using KONTAKT, many of the sounds have distinctly fast attacks, which then flow into atmospheric, fluid sounds via processing in ABSYNTH, KORE, and other audio engines. Utilizing the morphing features of KORE 2 or KORE PLAYER, it is also simple to create radically distinct sound variations from the same intriguing source.

4 thoughts on “Native Instruments Acoustic Refractions In Ableton Live

  1. NI should get this guy to do a video for all their packs, he's more convincing than their demos. I'd decided against Refractions but listening to him noodling with the sounds now I'm not so sure…

  2. @Synthhead Thankyou for posting this!

    @JRice Haha, it's what came to mind. AHHH SPONTANEITY!

    @matt Yeah, I encouraged Jeremiah Savage to make more! The Acoustic Refractions manual has a brief section where he shares stories of what inspired more of the sounds (than are explained on the website).

    @Matt Why thanks! Just happy to share what I'm passionate about. I know many demos are polished but I also like a raw, playful quality that shows what they're like in everyday studio usage. Or something like that.

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