79 Flavors Of Popcorn, Including Aphex Twin, Prodigy & Kraftwerk


Earlier in the week, we put up a post on 9 Flavors of Popcorn, a collection of music videos for a variety of versions of the synthpop classic.

Once again, though, a Synthtopia reader, Ian Page-Echols, has topped us – finding an ancient WFMU post that offers no less than 79 covers of Popcorn. They cheat a little and use Prodigy’s Popcorn Techno Dance 99 Remix 1 twice, but it’s a pretty good cover, so why not?

Others on board for this massive collection include Aphex Twin, Kraftwerk, The Boston Pops & twisted children’s musician and techno pioneer Bruce Haack.

A few examples are embedded below; see the WFMU post for the motherload.

8 thoughts on “79 Flavors Of Popcorn, Including Aphex Twin, Prodigy & Kraftwerk

  1. I like some of the versions with lyrics.

    I made my own vocal rendition once: "You can eat it in a can! You can eat it where you stand! Popcorn is grand and that is the food of choiceeee for your land!"

    I haven't heard a rap one yet…

  2. Popcorn Song is an interesting site, even though I think the song got old fast after hearing the original.

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