Jordan Rudess Presents Ellatron For Mellofest 2009

Jordan Rudess presents Ellatron, the iPhone Mellotron, for Mellofest 2009.

via OmenieSoftware:

Jordan Rudess put together this video, which is both a special message to Mellofest 2009 and an emphatic approval of our Ellatron App for the iPhone.

Personally, I am so thrilled to see him play Ellatron, and the way he manages to hold the iPhone and play chord pads and individual notes (and fingered chords) at the same time is an amazing feat of dexterity and balance. Let me say here – thank you Jordan and Richard for putting this together, it was *VERY* well received by both the organizer of the festival and the crowd.

6 thoughts on “Jordan Rudess Presents Ellatron For Mellofest 2009

  1. Why is Rudess the go to guy for endorsement these days?

    The demo looks kind of cool, but playing music on an iPhone still seems pretty awkward to me.

  2. But why does everybody go to Rudess instead of other keyboardists?

    Is he that recognizable outside prog?

  3. Man! The internet is full of Rudesses and Deadmou5es!!! Please! Show something elseee…its like a spam message..Rudess, Deadmouse, Rudess, Deadmouse, Rudess, Deadmouse….!!!

  4. Yeah – he looks really uncomfortable playing it. I can't imagine it would actually be an awesome addition to his stage set-up.

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