1971 ARP Synthesizers Demo Record

This is the audio from a 1971 ARP synthesizers demo record.

Side A lays it on pretty thick, but Side B has some choice vintage synth music demos.

via jafafah0ts:

1971 promo demo disc from Arp Synthesizers featuring Pete Townshend from The Who, among others.

Second side of a 1971 promo demo disc from Arp Synthesizers, featuring the following tracks:
1. Dave Fredericks – Stinger
2. Roger Powell – Queene Enfineska
3. Roger Powell – Hermatic Enigma
4. Dave Fredericks – Mockingbird Hill

One thought on “1971 ARP Synthesizers Demo Record

  1. I had this little 7-inch "45" RPM disc (although recorded at 33 1/3 RPM) back in 1973. A year or so later, I also acquired Roger Powell's COSMIC FURNACE LP (from which the two tracks on this small disk were sourced) which I still have to this day. The Powell album is strongly recommended for vintage elex music fans. Its recently been released on CD. Get it! You'll love it.

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