Novation BassStation

This is a demo of the Novation BassStation – a small monophonic analog synthesizer from 1994 that was available in both keyboard and rack-mount versions.

The keyboard version can be battery powered, which turns it into a great portable synth. Both versions are capable of classic analog sounds, especially for churning out synth bass.

If you’ve used the Novation BassStation, leave a comment with your thoughts.


  • Full size, 25 note keyboard. (Keyboard version)
  • Pitch bend and Modulation Wheels. (Keyboard version)
  • 2 oscillators
  • 12/24 dB/oct Low pass filter
  • 2 envelopes generators
  • Portamento and Auto-glide
  • Patch memory


7 thoughts on “Novation BassStation

  1. I've had the keyboard version for a while now…
    When released it was implied that it was fully analog.
    But since my friend lent me his Minimoog it sounds awful thin and wimpy!
    I think I only like real VCOs now!

  2. The Bass Station is a 100% analog synth. Thin and wimpy ?
    Ok maybe next to a Minimoog it dont seem so good, but lets face it the price difference is huge!
    I first tried one in the 90s but didnt buy one because I wanted something polyphonic.
    I got a Nord Lead instead.
    I finaly bought one last year for 85 pounds from a guy who had just bought a Moog Voyager.
    I think it colud be the best deal I have got yet on a synth.
    It is a true analog synth and makes great analog sounds. It sounds so good, exactly like a real synth should.

  3. GOODWILL RULES JUST FOUND ONE IN THE KIDS TOY SECTION FOR 3 BUCKS YEAH AND IT WORKS ….ITS THE SAME PLACE IFOUND MY MC 303 ……………I LOVE IT IT WORKS GREAT LOVE THE SOUNDS YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH….IM SO HAPPY !!! goodwill is a second hand store …..the 303 was 10 bucks it was in the stereo electronics really !!!nothing was wrong just one button missing ….roland replaced it for 10 bucks cool beans ….keep looking folks..pawn shops second hand stores craigslist etc…by

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